Review: John Wick Hex

October 08, 2019 1 min read

Licensed tie-in games used to be a dime a dozen before the age of mobile gaming. It seemed like every time a gigantic blockbuster film was coming out, there was a publisher releasing a hastily thrown together title to coincide with the film's release. While there were certainly exceptions that showed excellence (The Chronicles of Riddick comes to mind), most people aren't lamenting the lack of movie games in the modern gaming landscape.

You can still find these games on the mobile market, but the ones that do make the jump to consoles and PC tend to be of a much higher quality than before. Either made with respect to the source material or by a group of developers passionate over the project, officially licensed and backed movie games are uniformly in a better place than they've ever been.

John Wick Hexunderstands that, too. Instead of quickly throwing the now-iconic character into some hodgepodge shooter, developer Mike Bithell had a real understanding of what made Keanu Reeves' role so interesting. He's taken those elements and created a tactical strategy game that many wouldn't have even considered.

While not perfect, the end result is one of the best movie tie-in games I've played in quite some time.

Review: John Wick Hex screenshot