Review: Killer Queen Black

October 21, 2019 1 min read

If you're lucky enough to have visited a big-city arcade within the last few years, you may have seen a crowd gathered around a pair of giant flatscreen monitors. If you heard them hollering things like "Over there! Snail!" "Look, look, look, berries!" or "I need a gate!" there can be no doubt they were playing Killer Queen.

Killer Queenis a fast-paced arcade game, nearly guaranteed to draw a crowd thanks to its deceptively simple gameplay and the way it can be difficult to tell which team is ahead until after the dust has settled. Unfortunately, since there are only about a hundred Killer Queen cabinets in existence, it can be difficult to find. The game has proven to be a huge hit at the few arcades and other facilities which can afford to host the enormous twin cabinets, but it's never been widely available until now. 

Lots of things gain near-mythical status due to their rarity, and Killer Queen is no exception. Now that Killer Queen Black has brought the arcade experience home, does it live up to the buzz?

Review: Killer Queen Black screenshot