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Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

February 20, 2018 1 min read

I've played a great deal of role-playing games in my time, whether they be Japanese or Western, from your various Final Fantasy titles to the vast and open world Elder Scrolls games, and all things in-between. As great as these games are, what makes Kingdom Come: Deliverance stand out to me -- and what keeps me playing late into the night -- is simply how deep its systems are and the extreme attention to detail in almost everything it has you do.

Everything from keeping up your appearance to honing your skills plays a certain role in Deliverance. Want to be the town drunk? Start drinking and you'll unlock various skills such as stat boosts when you're wasted. Want to learn alchemy so you can brew your own booze? Don't expect a menu-based system for crafting; instead, you'll be picking specific plants (and learning herbalism as you do so), going to an alchemy table, grinding herbs in a pedestal, and boiling them in a pot. All while hoping you haven't goofed up the recipe you read about...

...If you even can read to begin with, that is.

Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance screenshot