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Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

November 13, 2017 1 min read

When I was working in video game retail, for many years one of the safest answers to the obligatory "What game should I buy my kid?" question was: "How's about talk to your child and learn about their interests."

Hang on, no it wasn't. It was to point them in the direction of TT Games' LEGO series. The puzzle-platformers were, for many years, a solid guarantee of entertaining adventures, amusing comedy, basic puzzle-solving and good, wholesome fun for kids, adults and pop culture fans alike.

But, in recent years, the series has struggled. It has been treading in stale water and lacking invention. The writing, particularly the comedy, became lazy. Assets and locations were re-used time and again, PC ports have had terrible issues. This downward trend hit rock-bottom with 2016's LEGO: Avengers, a buggy, rushed and painfully unfunny title (unless you think someone waving a banana every two minutes is the pinnacle of comedy).

Undaunted, Warner Bros. and TT Games have returned with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The latest title brings with it a revamped look, an original story and some fresh minifigs to play with. Let's see if the ageing series can rebuild a masterpiece, or whether the time has come to perhaps deconstruct the franchise for good.

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