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Review: Lego The Incredibles

June 18, 2018 1 min read

Lego games haven't changed much since their debut in the PS2 era (and yes, it's really been that long, and you're really that old). For better or worse, TT Games settled on a formula that seems to work, and the company has stuck with it for nearly 15 years. Every Lego game lets you take control of various characters from the franchise du jour, pound the crap out of the scenery to reduce it to its component atoms, then reassemble some pieces in a different configuration in order to progress through levels based loosely on the source material.

Despite the pedigree of the movie version of The Incredibles and the fact that this is the first Lego game to feature Pixar characters, Lego The Incredibles doesn't deviate even slightly from the formula first put forward in 2005. It does let players explore a unique world and includes a lot of fanservice for kids (and adults) who've been raised by Pixar movies. I thought it was pretty neat to see the hopping lamp made of plastic bricks when the game first starts up, but whether or not that image triggers something in you will have a lot to do with how much you'll enjoy Lego The Incredibles.

Review: Lego The Incredibles screenshot