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Review: Little Dragons Cafe

August 22, 2018 1 min read

Very recently, a co-worker of mine passed away. His death was sudden. Though he struggled with his health in the past, he recovered and was looking forward to his retirement at the end of the year. I’ve only been at my current job for around 18 months, so while I didn’t have a deep connection with him, he was a person I saw every day at work, who I talked with and helped whenever he needed my assistance. We got along well and I think that’s part of the reason I’ve struggled a bit with his passing. I’ve never known anyone who I interacted with on a near daily basis who died, so I didn’t quite know how to process it.

For several days I was absolutely down in the dumps, trying to placate these glum feelings with food. It wasn’t until I opened up to friends and co-workers that I started to heal. With their help, I was able to confront my feelings head-on, and I’ve since been able to pull myself out of the lull his passing put me in. The experience taught me to not face my problems alone, to look for and accept the help others generously offer. It’s the exact same lesson I learned playing through Little Dragons Café.

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