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Review: Machinarium (The Definitive Version)

June 22, 2017 1 min read

Machinariumis a game I’ve someone managed to play through numerous times. I gave it a shot after it was free on PlayStation Plus and then grabbed it in a Humble Bundle before acquiring the PS4 copy last year. Somehow, it has become my comfort food for when I’m down and need something familiar and charming to play.

Much to my surprise, I’m now reviewing Machinarium years after its debut because of its new PC update (available today), which developer Amanita Design has dubbed the “Definitive Edition.” Seeing as how I’ve almost committed the game to memory, I think I have a good understanding of why this title is so enjoyable and how this new PC version really does feel like the best way to enjoy it.

Review: Machinarium (The Definitive Version) screenshot