Review: Mario Kart Tour

September 27, 2019 1 min read

Last year, when Nintendo first announced it would be taking Mario Kart to mobile, I was legitimately excited about the prospect. Sure, its output at the time wasn't an endless stream of home runs, but there was always the possibility it could bounce back and what better way to turn the ship around than with its always reliable kart racing series. 

But since the time of that announcement, the quality of Nintendo's mobile production has only eroded. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp deteriorated into an endless grind where the best items required undying dedication or ponying up cash, Dragalia Lostfailed to rise above the other gacha games on the market (though it is generous), and I don't know what the hell is up with Dr. Mario World. Surely Mario Kart Tour would be the game to turn it all around, right?

No, no it is not.

Review: Mario Kart Tour screenshot