Review: Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels

September 12, 2019 1 min read

Making my way through Metro Exodus back in February was one of the most frightening video game experiences I've ever had. As I noted in my review, I'm a particularly jumpy person. I'd be on edge in a room full of kittens, lest one of them moved suddenly, or looked at me in a violent fashion. As such, THQ Nordic's journey into a mutation-filled Moscow and beyond gave me the jitters in a big way.

As a video game however, Metro Exodus was pretty damn good. Once you got past the awful game-breaking launch bugs, a deeply detailed world awaited aboard The Aurora, packed to the brim with atmosphere, bad voice-acting, and horrifying monsters. Why I'm choosing to return to Dmitry Glukhovsky's grim and unsettling world is anyone's guess, but here I am, donning my spider-covered visor and descending once more into the abyss.

Review: Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels screenshot