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Review: Need for Speed Payback

November 14, 2017 1 min read

In my review in progress of Need for Speed PaybackI said: “I wouldn't dare attempt drinking and driving in the real world for obvious reasons. But, in the seemingly lawless land of Need for Speed Payback, I think it's the only way to play and enjoy this game.” Now, after beating the game and with over 30 hours invested into it, I've come to the conclusion that maybe you're just better off simply drinking, instead of playing this game altogether.

The concept and goal for Need for Payback Payback sounds simple enough on paper: Create an open-world arcade racing game with a heavy emphasis on action-packed set pieces, taking cues and inspiration from the Fast & Furious films -- specifically the ones with a certain "electrifying" individual. However, due to a mixed bag of awful business decisions, an uninteresting story with some of the worst dialogue I've heard in recent memory, thrown in with a dull open world, we now have a new low point for this 23 year old franchise.

Review: Need for Speed Payback screenshot