Review: Neon City Riders

March 27, 2020 1 min read

The year is 2075, and all is not well beneath the ultraviolet lights of Neon City. Following the Android Revolution, which resulted in a civil war and the destruction of thousands of automatons, the bustling cyber metropolis and its surrounding areas have fallen deep into disarray.

Capitalising on the grim aftermath of this conflict, brutal gangs have carved up what remains of the 'berg for themselves, with each gang leader taking a chunk of the wretched refuse of Neon City and making it their own turf. With humans and mutants fearing for their lives, and what remains of the android populace living miserably in the shadows, Neon City has become a buzzing hive of criminal activity. And it seems that nobody dares – or is able – to put an end to it.

Crashing into this future-noir tale comes our boy Rick, a young vigilante who has decided he's mad as hell, and he's not gonna take it anymore. Sliding into a denim war vest like I rocked in '89 and a hockey mask like that other Rick, our hero rips a length of rusty piping from the wall and sets out to liberate the meanest of streets.

So begins Neon City Riders, the first release from independent Mexican developer Mecha Studios. Published by Bromio (of Pato Box fame), Neon City Riders is a stylish, retro-infused love letter to the classic adventure titles of yore.

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