Review: Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

May 08, 2018 1 min read

You're probably wondering why this review of Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit is so late. Well, it was going to be late from the start, since there was no review copy. So instead of getting my review up the second I completed all of the cardboard constructions and "won" the game, I decided to hold off a bit longer to learn about the shelf life of these toys.

One of the main complaints initially launched at Labo was that the cardboard would be fun to put together, but would fall by the wayside, left to clutter up the house with those tiny, useless toys your kids get on holidays, and the Wolverine action figure they played with once and then forgot about, in favor of a large cardboard box. So I gave Labo some breathing room to see if the mini-games and cardboard Toy-Cons stood up to the rapidly changing attention of a child. 

My initial feelings towards Labo still stand, as just that, but after the excitement of construction wears off, your experience may vary.

Review: Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit screenshot