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Review: Okami HD

December 19, 2017 1 min read

Hideki Kamiya is a strange and interesting man. When he's not busy being the vice president of Platinum Games or randomly blocking people on Twitter, he's at the helm of some of the best action-adventure games in the industry. Prior to his time at Platinum, he worked at Capcom on the Resident Evil games, before being made director of a planned spin-off series now known as Devil May Cry.

This is important, because in 2004 when Clover Studio was founded and the staff started on Viewtiful Joe 2, they also began work on Okami -- with Kamiya directing it.Originally, Okami was conceived as a simple minute-long tech demo of a wolf running while leaving a trail of flowers behind it. Capcom showed interest in making this a full-fledged game, with the premise built around “depicting nature.”

Once development began though, the premise of simply "depicting nature" was too boring for Kamiya and they instead focused on makingOkami an action-adventure game in the same vein asZelda. The actual task however of replicating the Zelda formula is a huge endeavor in and of itself.But, not only did Kamiya and Clover Studio completely nail that formula, in my opinion, they created a game that rivals -- if not exceeds -- anyZelda game prior to it and one that would forever cement Kamiya's status in the industry like no other before it.

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