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Review: Pacific Rim: Uprising

March 23, 2018 1 min read

The original Pacific Rimwas an absurd, goofy and dumb action movie about robots punching monsters in the face. Despite this ridiculous premise, the movie turned out to be a cut-above your standard blockbuster trash. The spectacle of huge monsters smacking each other around was counterbalanced with characters and developments that gave the film a hell of a lot of heart. Who could forget the likable personas of Mako Mori, Stacker Pentecost, Newton Geiszler or Hermann Gottlieb? Somehow, against all odds, a movie about punching monsters in the face turned out better than it had any right to be.

Pacific Rim: Uprisingfeels like a direct response to the success of the original. Instead of relying on the seemingly irreplaceable heroes of the original film, Uprisingbrings on a mostly original cast of characters to fill their void. Instead of trying to one-up the last film, it goes in an entirely new direction with its plot, themes, and characters. It expands on the universe of the original. It introduces an internal struggle and a hidden villain. Uprising,if anything, is trying to be different, while recapturing the feeling of the original.

In terms of the action, it succeeds. But, where’s the heart?

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