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Review: Panzer Paladin

July 21, 2020 1 min read

I feel like I can always count on Tribute Games to tap into retro gaming in a novel way. The team's latest, Panzer Paladin – a level-based action-platformer with shades of Castlevania, Mega Man, Blaster Master, and even Zelda II – has the right stuff. It's a sword-swinging mech adventure around the globe.

As an ace power-armor pilot, you'll jet off to around a dozen countries to drive back demonic space invaders inspired by real-world mythology. Medusa, Baba Yaga, Popobawa – the gang's all here.

In the mech, you can wield powerful (and super short-lived) melee weapons that slice through creeps and conjure spells. Outside the suit, you'll slip through tight passages as a tiny whip-cracking android.

One look at a screenshot – any screenshot – and you'll know if Panzer Paladin is your jam.

Review: Panzer Paladin screenshot