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Review: Pit People

March 02, 2018 1 min read

I really admire The Behemoth. The studio has found success time and time again without resorting to sequels, charting a varied course from Alien Hominidto Castle Crashersto BattleBlock Theater. The team's latest, Pit People, lives in yet another genre: it's a turn-based strategy adventure.

We've seen the developer hone its style, humor, and craft over the years, gaining the confidence to take on bigger and more ambitious projects. Pit Peopleis certainly those things. It's also The Behemoth's strangest game to date, with life-giving cupcakes standing in for more traditional healer units and characters like the troll mom out there barfing up little gremlin children to clog the battlefield.

It's a supremely weird game in a (mostly) good way. The hot streak continues.

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