Review: Planet Zoo

November 04, 2019 1 min read

Planet Zoocaptures the spirit of Zoo Tycoonin a way I've only dreamed of until now. It's the zoo simulation I've waited 15 years for someone, anyone, to nail. Frontier Developments pulled it off.

I wasn't necessarily the target audience for Planet Coaster, the studio's last major sim game, but I'm so thankful the developers were able to get it made, listen to players' concerns, and work out some of those kinks; Planet Zoois undoubtedly a better management game for it. This isn't a hasty animal-themed version of Planet Coaster, but there's clear overlap between the projects. Lessons were learned.

If you've longed for a video game that lets you imagine and then build your own international zoo from the ground up – from "painting" terrain, to researching species, to orchestrating breeding programs and conservation efforts, to custom-designing cave shelters rock by rock – then you're in the right hands.

I can't stress enough how happy I am this game even exists.

Review: Planet Zoo screenshot