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Review: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

April 10, 2019 1 min read

When Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers hit U.K. television - back in the days when we got everything years late - it became an overnight phenomenon. Not for me, to be fair, as I'd already discovered FMV games and Space Hulk girls and booze... Yeah, girls and booze. Still, for everyone else, Power Rangers fast became a major moneymaker in toys and merchandising. A craze which aped the heady days of Teenage Mutant"Hero" Turtles.

Despite that initial success, I am surprised that Haim Saban's (now Hasbro's) martial-arts brand is still going strong today, having seen some 24 seasons, as well as multiple games, comics, and movies. The colour-coded heroes remain, as do the giant robots, but a lot of the locations and characters have been switched out time and again. This sadly includes the best thing about Power Rangers, the amazing Rita Repulsa, who left the show in the late '90s.

Regardless of my personal lack of passion for this particular brand, one thing I do love is fighting games. To that end, I've spent some time checking out nWay Games' recent release Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. So put on your best pair of white wellies and let's find out whether this high-kicking release is Mighty Morphin' or Mighty Borin' (Shut up, it works.)

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