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Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

November 21, 2018 1 min read

There probably isn't a more recognizable movie formula than the one in Disney animated films. They take familiar stories, myths, and general concepts, create a light-hearted story with some basic virtues and life lessons, and probably throw in some musical numbers and dead parents. I've usually been lukewarm towards Disney's recent computer animated efforts, but I have to admit that Wreck-It Ralph won me over. I was definitely worried about the sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, yet somehow, someway I ended up liking this film even more.

My worry before I actually sat down to see it was that it might not actually be about anything. While we're on the subject of basic virtues, the first movie was about having a sense of belonging and breaking out of your roles and habits, while also being a familiar tale of what it means to be a hero. Disney doesn't usually make theatrical animated sequels (most of those straight-to-video sequels and prequels are garbage and don't count), and from the trailers, I was afraid that this film would be a shallow effort to double as a Disney rendition of Ready Player One.

However, Ralph Breaks the Internet affected me emotionally at a similar level that many classic Disney animated movies do. The movie houses a really great story that has the potential to teach young, developing children how to deal with toxicity in close friendships.

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