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Review: Retro-Bit RES Plus HDMI NES console

August 11, 2017 1 min read

Right off the bat, I typically don’t like clone consoles. I’m a total retro snob for the most part; not a collector but extremely picky about the accuracy of my old games. A couple of years ago I had to sell the majority of my collection, keeping my Game Boy cartridges. And early this year I started getting back into NES collecting; still an extremely viable system to build a collection of games for if you know what to look for, and not the money sink it is typically associated with if you stick to lesser-known titles.

But you need something to play these on, and as my family grows, my personal space shrinks more and more. So to consolidate everything into one major entertainment center is crucial. That means a bulky CRT TV is out of the question, and so is the original NES. Short of expensive RGB mods and Framemeister upscaler boxes, there is no good way to play the original console on a modern TV with HDMI inputs.

Luckily, a number of companies have taken it upon themselves to create working solutions for this problem. And although it has a tough time competing with far more expensive available options, the RES Plus by Retro-Bit is an extremely affordable HD solution for playing the majority of the NES library.

Review: Retro-Bit RES Plus HDMI NES console screenshot