Review: Road Redemption

October 04, 2017 2 min read

So hey, remember the 3DO? A CD-based game system that came out in the nineties and was meant to revolutionize gaming, cost nearly a thousand bucks, and was quickly forgotten? With several different manufacturers producing their own versions of the hardware, and a library chock full of FMV games and other garbage, the platform didn’t take off, but boy do I ever have some fond memories of it.

It was the first time I ever played the wonderful Star Control II, fully voice acted as a 3DO exclusive, one of the best Star Trek simulators ever made. I rented the console whenever I had allowance to do so, and a good friend of mine owned one, so it was this kind of bizarre, elusive experience. And one of the games I always rented with it was Road Rash.

I played Road Rash a bunch on the Sega Genesis before getting my hands on the 3DO version, and found it to be the best of the bunch when I finally did. It played identically to its predecessor; it’s you, a motorcycle, and a variety of weapons as you cruise down the highway, racing other bikers while beating the living shit out of them with whatever weapons are available to you in attempt to take your opponents out of the race.

Road Redemption, a PC (and eventual console game) by Pixel Dash Studios, is a love letter to the original Road Rash series to the nth degree. And it also happens to be the better than the thing it is emulating thanks to some well executed roguelite elements, and much faster gameplay.

Review: Road Redemption screenshot