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Review: Robin Hood

November 20, 2018 1 min read

Thanks to being in the realm of public domain, the Robin Hood story has quite the storied history in movies. Robin Hood was the first WB film to use technicolour. It got the Disney treatment. Russell Crowe, doing as he always does, worked his magic and turned it into a boring snoozefest (Bradley has been fired for not mentioning Kevin Kostner - Ed.). There's a lot of wiggle room is what I'm saying; take a tried and true story and outfit it with a sleek coat of paint.

This year's Robin Hood does not do that. Astoundingly, this movie does almost nothing new and definitely nothing interesting or unique. This movie fails spectacularly on almost every level. In fact, if this movie had a way to screw up the pretty face of Taron Egerton, there would be literally nothing redeeming about it. This slog was so boring to sit through I felt my inner apathetic teenager rise from the grave to give it a long groan.

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