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Review: Rock Band VR

May 25, 2017 1 min read

I wasn't really sure what to expect when heading into Rock Band VR. I love the series, so more of it is always a good thing, but I knew this was something completely different. Perhaps that is the best way to describe it: something different. It's an entirely unique take on the formula that some may be tired of by now. It's way different than even Rivals, though VR goes in the opposite direction in the "barrier to entry" category, requiring some serious hardware just to get started.

With all of that known. Rock Band VR is in a weird spot. If you already have the necessary setup and enjoy Rock Band as a series, you probably already have it? If you don't have everything, you're likely not going to plunk down hundreds of dollars in order to play "Everlong" in virtual reality. So maybe you're just morbidly curious as to what the heck this game is. That'll do for now.

Review: Rock Band VR screenshot