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Review: Sakura Wars

April 27, 2020 1 min read

Times are tough for the Tokyo Imperial Theater. In the decade following The Great War, the International Combat Revue's Flower Division has fallen on hard times. If it wasn't enough that the theater troupe's best performers never returned from the battlefield all those years ago, its replacement thespians are struggling to find their own identity in the looming shadow of those that came before.

Under-furnished, under-funded, and under-attended, the once-great theater has become a laughing stock to its audience, with its new cast desperate for direction, support, and guidance. It will be up to a stranger to bring passion and performance back to the rickety wooden stage, to help its promising-but-doubting young actors reach the peak of their dramatic potential. To reach, maybe surpass, the theater's storied legacy...

...Also, to guide them in mech-riding warfare against armies of inter-dimensional demons aiming to bring about the global apocalypse.

Having been 15 years since the last release, many fans were sure Sakura Wars had taken its final bow. But with this, the sixth mainline entry and only the second to launch the west, Sega is giving the franchise a fresh start. Powered by a new engine, starring a brand new cast of characters, and with only rudimentary connections to previous titles, Sakura Wars is intended as a "jumping-off" point for new fans and hopes to enchant them with its trademark mash-up of JRPG, visual novel, dating sim, and explosive mech-based combat. Curtain up.

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