Review: Sega Genesis Mini

September 12, 2019 1 min read

I was very lucky to have the friends and relatives I had growing up. Although my parents could only afford the occasional console, I had the opportunity to experience pretty much every device (including ill-fated ones like the Wonderswan and Virtual Boy), despite growing up in a mostly Nintendo household through the mid-'90s.

Any opportunity to play with a Sega Genesis was mesmerizing and magical: to the point where I even rented one at Blockbuster (with QuackShot!) to help with the withdrawals. But as time went on I didn't have to worry about missing out, as Sega put their classics on pretty much every device known to man. The Sega Genesis Mini is yet another way to play them, but manages to rise to the level of the beloved Nintendo Classic Editions to cement its place in Mini history.

Review: Sega Genesis Mini screenshot