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Review: Smallfoot

September 28, 2018 1 min read

The fact that's there's a Tod Browning's Freaks reference in Smallfootdoesn't really say all that much about the movie. It's not actually crammed full of clever comedy for adults, or secretly hiding darker themes than what appears. I do like the idea that a writer for the film was so bored with what he was putting together that he crammed a reference-turned-meme from one of the more disturbing films ever made into a children's movie. Probably knowing full well that the majority of people have no idea where it's from, and the studio heads would let it through because of sheer ignorance. 

Then again, maybe it does say something about Smallfoot that I used my subheader and opening paragraph to discuss a single line from the film that has no effect on the rest of the movie whatsoever. That's just how middling Smallfoot is. The rest of the movie is no more memorable or forgettable than most children's films. Lackadaisically filled with needless songs and friendly reminders to not fear the unknown, the movie simply "is what it is". I suppose that's why the one aspect that wasn't in line with expectations was the only thing I could truly remember.

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