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Review: Super Dungeon Tactics

September 24, 2018 1 min read

Before I had a house full of kids running around, I used to have game night with friends. One night we sat down with a cool looking board game called Super Dungeon Explore. It reminded me a little of my favorite board game growing up, Hero Quest, in that it was packed with cool fantasy themed miniatures and was all about combat. The cutesy anime style was appealing, the quality of the components was really nice, and we were all excited to get playing.

What followed was frankly a pretty lukewarm experience. Not abjectly disappointing, just very run of the mill and uninspiring. It was deflating that the games’ parts didn’t add up to make a very memorable experience. It was shelved, and never touched again by me, and not much was lost in the process.

When I heard that a video game based on the franchise was coming to Switch, I was curious. I thought that the cutesy style of the board game would translate over fairly well, just as long as the game itself was a bit more interesting.

After spending time with Super Dungeon Tactics, I can confidently say that not much has changed in the translation from the table to the TV. And that isn’t a terribly good thing.

Review: Super Dungeon Tactics screenshot