Review: Super Mario Maker 2

July 12, 2019 1 min read

Super Mario Maker is one of those console defining games. On the Wii U, it represented one of the best uses of the system's tablet controller and offered players a chance to show off their level design skills in the one way Nintendo wouldn't issue a DMCA notice against. While Nintendo did include some of its own created levels in the final product, the actual life and longevity of the game were determined by the community and how well it globbed onto the simple interface and extensive number of level-design options.

Anyone who kept up with it in the months and years after it launched will tell you user-created courses were a mixed bag. There is a legitimate number of great levels made by members of the community, but also so much crap. That crap returns in Super Mario Marker 2, even though Nintendo went above and beyond to give players the ultimate level creator toolkit.

Review: Super Mario Maker 2 screenshot