Review: The Grinch

November 09, 2018 1 min read

Believe it or not, prior to my screening I wasn't paying that much attention to Illumination's The Grinch, but from what I did see I thought the film was going to try something a little new with the character and focus on how he became the green, old miser living above Whoville with his much put-upon dog. It's not a prospect I was all that excited about, considering the book and the classic holiday special make it abundantly clear that no one knows why the Grinch hates Christmas, but at least it sounded like something different. Maybe it could have its own special Christmas charm.

Well, it's not and it doesn't. This is simply the story we've all read a million times over, told by the people that brought us the minions. Though the title says Dr. Seuss's The Grinch, it is truly Illumination's. Whatever that means to you is what you'll get out of this movie. 

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