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Review: The Inpatient

January 22, 2018 1 min read

Until Dawnsurprised the hell out of me. On the surface, Supermassive Games' cinematic horror adventure looked like standard slasher-film fare, but it played with genre tropes in such a delightful way and knew how to balance tension, thrills, scares, and humor. It's a riot, especially with a group.

I'm still holding out hope for a sequel that keeps the choose-your-own-adventure format but swaps in a new setting and characters, but for now, the IP lives on with PlayStation VR spin-off games. Whereas Until Dawn: Rush of Bloodwent for gun-toting arcade action on a deadly roller coaster, The Inpatienttakes a much more subdued approach. It's a prequel set in the 1950s at Blackwood Sanatorium.

If you've played Until Dawn, you know that place was bad news. Now you'll get to see it in its prime.

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