Review: The Outer Worlds

October 22, 2019 1 min read

For the uninitiated, when publishers wanted a sure-thing studio to come in and elevate an existing IP, Obsidian was the one developer you called. They rocked The Old Republic for BioWare and continued the Neverwinter Nights series. Look, they made the best modern Falloutgame, New Vegas. Our audience even agrees!

In the past nine years they've mostly stuck to the Baldur's Gate-esque Pillars of Eternity series (plus Tyranny), a one-off adventure with a South Park RPG, and a joint MMO venture with Allods Team. What I'm saying is: I want more Obsidian in my life.

And with The Outer Worlds, a massive first-person RPG in the same vein as New Vegas, I got it.

Review: The Outer Worlds screenshot