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Review: Tokyo 42

May 31, 2017 1 min read

There's a neon heart at the center of Tokyo 42's cyberpunk playground. The isometric, open-world action game feels as though it could fit in your hands; a diorama of sleek architecture meant to be spun and examined from every angle. Its mix of winding pathways and floating islands evokes an inviting vision of life in the future. 

But there's danger amid Tokyo's bustling cityscape. Street gangs wander underneath the electric glow of floating billboards. Assassins take contracts from vending machine-like terminals and no one bats an eye. Shadowy organizations pull the strings of industry from behind the protection of locked corporate boardrooms. In Tokyo 42's world, everyone's looking to take advantage of someone else. Death and double-dealings are a part of everyday life because death is only a minor inconvenience. Through the use of a simple pill, biting the bullet just means respawning a few moments later.

Review: Tokyo 42 screenshot