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Review: Tokyo Dark

September 24, 2017 1 min read

You're looking at a nervous girl. She has a hostage and holds a knife in her hands. There's a gun in yours. You're the only character that isn't in danger, but despite that the situation is as tense as it can get. The main character is never in real danger in a video game anyway. They have their destiny to fulfill.

Tokyo Dark isn't the kind of point-and-click adventure that attempts to reinvent the wheel with its narrative. After reading the Telltale-like warning that your decisions impact the story, you're greeted by a somewhat by-the-book supernatural investigation tale. You're with the police. You're searching for your missing partner, but the otherworldly forces at play are much larger than you both. That kind of story. But by mixing design elements of western and eastern games, as well as creating an effective atmosphere with its set pieces, Tokyo Dark managed to grab my attention nonetheless.

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