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Review: Trials Rising

February 25, 2019 1 min read

After nearly a decade of high-flying bike antics, I haven't grown tired of Trials. I doubt I ever will. The series' nuanced platforming has proven to be eternally satisfying, and RedLynx hasn't let up on the creative, unconventional course designs either. As long as those two elements are sound, I'm in.

2014's Trials Fusionand 2016's Trials of the Blood Dragon, the two most recent games, fell below expectations for most fans. Fusionhad an uninspired futuristic theme and ill-advised emphasis on tricks. I was willing to cut it a lot of slack back then, but time hasn't been particularly kind. Trials of the Blood Dragon leaned even harder into strange gimmicks. It never should've used the Trialsname.

2019 is looking up for fans of Trials HDand Trials Evolution. This year's installment, Trials Rising, is a return to form. That's not to say every single aspect or design choice is flawless, but with stellar bike handling, a more grounded aesthetic, and well-thought-out tutorials, this should be a crowd-pleaser.

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