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Review: Unravel Two

June 13, 2018 1 min read

EA’s indie line of games tends to showcase some very clever ideas that the publisher’s triple-A line-up lacks. You have these risk-taking endeavors with outlandish ideas all free from the constrictions of focus testing and market research. Each title, so far, has been a hit in one way or another and has made jaded gamers stand-up and take notice of the efforts EA does bring to this industry.

A surprise at E3 2018, Unravel Two is the sequel to the hit indie platformer Unravel. The big change, this time, is the introduction of cooperative play that allows you to bring a friend along for the journey. While this should be a logical extension of the original formula, the co-op doesn’t always make sense or gel that well with the puzzles.

Unravel Twohas a beautiful presentation, but it really is lacking in challenge and breadth.

Review: Unravel Two screenshot