Review: Vicious Circle

August 23, 2019 1 min read

With the release of Overwatch in 2016, the multiplayer shooter market was turned upside down.

Going from a period where everything had a bunch of faceless military drones to a game with a cast of eccentric characters with distinct personalities, nothing has been the same since. Now games need to have in-your-face attitude and libraries full of lore to maintain interest for extended periods of time. While Blizzard was able to maintain a solid balance between character updates, storytelling, and gameplay, a lot of developers have failed to replicate the winning formula of Overwatch.

Seemingly taking inspiration from Blizzard’s monster hit, Vicious Circle is a multiplayer shooter with an eccentric cast of characters all fighting against each other for dominance. While the basic gameplay is pretty far removed from what Overwatch does, it’s not hard to see where Rooster Teeth has taken cues from. This is a game that screams "trend-chasing," what with having character skins, unlockable win quotes, a battle pass, and a content roadmap all ready for launch.

Despite featuring a somewhat unique loop, Vicious Circle is just not quite there yet.

Review: Vicious Circle screenshot