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Review: We Happy Few

August 09, 2018 1 min read

I can hardly call England a "dystopia," but it sure feels different to the country I've spent my whole life in. Don't get me wrong, most politicians have been charlatans and people have always been ignorant. But, in the last few years, a selfish intolerance has risen to the surface. The worst part is, a large contingent of the country accepts this zeitgeist, sold on scaremongering propaganda and a natural dislike of those who don't fit into the image of "the good old days."

So it's interesting that I've been handed Compulsion Games' long-awaited survival, RPG, action, stealth, adventure, everything title We Happy Few. First announced way back in 2015, the Gearbox-published game is finally ready for release. We Happy Few dishes up an alternative take on '60s Britain, where the media is tightly governed, the aristocracy hold all of the country's worth, and the people wander around in a haze, attacking anyone who doesn't conform to their idea of traditional values. What a fantasy world... right?

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