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Review: World to the West

May 02, 2017 1 min read

Nintendo has been pretty consistent in making Zelda games every few years. While it normally swap between the 2D and 3D style for each game, you only need to wait about two or three years before getting your hands on another Hylian adventure. During those periods without new Zelda games, you’d think other developers would be trying their hand at the formula.

While there are certainly more indie Zelda-like games now than any other period, you’d be hard pressed to name more than a dozen or so. Enter Rain Games’ World to the West, a title set in the same universe as its previous game Teslagradthat replicates the Zelda formula. To claim that Nintendo’s classic series didn’t inform the design of this game would be a flat-out lie, but that doesn’t mean this game is held back by its inspiration.

Review: World to the West screenshot