River City Girls' Kyoko is swinging for the fences

August 12, 2019 1 min read

Last week, WayForward and Arc System Works released a new trailer for their upcoming River City Girls that introduced to its bob-cut brawler Misako. The developer has followed this up today with a fresh new video, which focuses on her BFF and fellow face-disturber Kyoko.

Kyoko is the red-haired member of the titular duo, who sports both a mean varsity jacket and a penchant for a baseball bat to the cranium. Together with Misako, Kyoko will prowl the mean streets of River City, laying waste to all and sundry fool enough to get between them and their kidnapped boyfriends (River City regulars Kunio and Riki.) In the short trailer, we Kyoko in action, laying waste to the city's punks with high-kicking combos, a Chun-Li style Spinning Bird Kick, and a sweet-looking hurrancanrana.

River City Girls' Kyoko is swinging for the fences screenshot