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Robit Riddle is a kid's gateway into role-playing

November 25, 2017 1 min read

Tabletop role-playing has survived all these years, through the advent of video games and the resurgence of board games starting in the 1990s. One reason it's still around is that it provides an experience those other media don't. It gives players a venue to tell a story as a group, to think laterally, and to play off each other's ideas.

One of the biggest barrier to entry into role-playing is the need for a dungeon/game master. And it's not just a DM the group needs for a successful campaign, but a good one. One who will provide interesting situations, force difficult decisions, and allow players the freedom to deviate from the pre-written path.

Robit Riddle is trying to address both of these to an extent. Billed as a storytelling game, it serves up the skeleton of the story, but leaves the details to the dice and the imagination.

Robit Riddle is a kid's gateway into role-playing screenshot