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Rogue Legacy and Full Metal Furies have found a perfect home on Switch

November 06, 2018 1 min read

Back in 2013, the indie game market wasn’t as flooded with roguelikes as it is nowadays. In the wake of Edmund McMillen’s ultra-successful Binding of Isaac, lots of devs tried their hand at crafting procedurally generated titles and we saw an influx of creatively diverse examples of the genre. Rogue Legacy was one such game, sporting a unique art style and fiendishly addictive feedback loop. The big change, though, was that each run would progressively add to your skill set.

While there were elements of soft-resets with each new run, death would bank your gold for you to spend on new upgrades. Over time, you’d eventually become a powerhouse and steamroll the current area you were in. It made for a game that was hard to put down precisely because each run contributed to bettering your next. With runs sometimes being five minutes long, it was also ripe for a quick pick up and play session.

Cellar Door Games has finally ported its premiere roguelike to the Switch and it feels like a match made in heaven. While the game did previously exist in handheld form on the Vita with cross-buy support, having everything on a single system means playing how you want is just so much easier. If you’re commuting to work and want to chip away at Rogue Legacy’s castle, just pop the Switch in your bag and you’re set. Once you get home, you can resume that same run on TV without needing to transfer saves or deal with cloud syncs.

Rogue Legacy and Full Metal Furies have found a perfect home on Switch screenshot