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Rumor: Spotify might be hitting the Xbox One soon

August 04, 2017 1 min read

You want more apps on Xbox One? No? Microsoft says you want them. Oh, you wanted more games huh? Too bad!

Based on this myriad of evidence, Spotify is on its way to Xbox One. Sony previously had an exclusive on the app for consoles a few years back, but it seems as if that deal has come to an end based on multiple instances of Xbox-related Spotify use from Major Nelson and a posting on a Microsoft portal.

What will this mean for Microsoft's Groove service, which was heavily built into Forza Horizon 3? I have no idea! But given that Groove is more like Pandora and Spotify has an on-demand tint, there may be room for both of them.

I'm still old school and manually buy songs I want or listen to them off YouTube, only occasionally subscribing to a service like Spotify or a free trial for Tidal for Yeezy.

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Rumor: Spotify might be hitting the Xbox One soon screenshot