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Saturday Morning RPG coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring

January 16, 2018 1 min read

Indie nostalgia-fest Saturday Morning RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made by developer Mighty Rabbit Studios via Limited Run Games.

Saturday Morning RPG, already available on other platforms, is an episodic, JRPG-inspired adventure which sees our hero, Marty, embark on a wild adventure after the hapless high-school kid is given special powers. The game is slathered in nostalgic overtones, packed to the brim with '80s pop-culture references, including music by Vince DiCola, who also composed the score for Transformers: The Movie.

Players can guide Marty through the game's self-contained episodes in any order they choose, defeating retro-inspired enemies in dynamic turn-based combat and utilising familiar items to power up his abilities. Remember Fruit Stripe? That existed.

Although the game will launch as a digital download, Limited Run Games will be producing a physical copy of the title, which will be available to order exclusively from their website.

Saturday Morning RPG is scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Saturday Morning RPG coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring screenshot