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Scream's Ghostface is dropping into Dead by Daylight

May 07, 2019 1 min read

Dead by Daylightis working its way down the list of horror movie icons. As inadvertently revealed earlier today thanks to a game update, the next playable killer will be none other than Ghostface from Scream.

Shortly after players discovered "The Ghost" in Dead by Daylight, developer Behaviour responded:

As for our long-faced friend, he can "move stealthily, crouch, lean around corners, and stalk survivors." Using his primary power Shrouded Hunt, The Ghost has no terror radius, and his secondary, Stalk, allows him to give an individual survivor player the exposed status for a limited amount of time.

The concept of a sneaky killer that feeds on other players' paranoia sounds like a treat.

Dead by Daylight update accidentally leaks Ghostface from Scream coming to the game [ResetEra]

Scream's Ghostface is dropping into Dead by Daylight screenshot