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SCUM makes me realize how scary real life is

April 09, 2018 1 min read

While I pride myself on being open to new things, one of the few styles of gaming I’m just not a fan of is the burgeoning survival genre. These games aren’t similar to how some might associate "survival" in gaming (Resident Evil for example), but encourages player enjoyment from the very act of living and surviving in a realistic environment.

SCUM is an upcoming PC title that is more than likely not for me, but I have to admire its attention to detail. Similar to something like Rust, SCUM is a game where you’ll be hunting animals, crafting clothing and generally trying to fend off death at every turn. Rust could be considered Easy Mode compared to SCUM, though.

I sat down with Josip Barisic - community manager for developer Gamepires - and hearing him explain all the various different systems in SCUM was a real shock to the system. I didn’t realize people wanted a game so realistic, but I suppose there is a niche for everything. I’ll do my best to breakdown what SCUM is all about, but feel free to make the same confused faces I did during his presentation.

SCUM makes me realize how scary real life is screenshot