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Sea of Thieves is bringing back the Halo ship

August 16, 2019 1 min read

Rare is hoping to tap into dormant Sea of Thievesplayers with a good old fashioned giveaway.

Next week, from August 20–24, you'll be able to earn the Halo Spartan Ship Set by simply showing up to play Adventure or Arena mode. That's it! Rare will add the cosmetic item set to youraccount.

I appreciate it whenever limited-time deals like this resurface for folks who missed out before, and I like that there's also something here for everyone who did manage to show up last time, during E3. I wonder what crossover item they might whip up next – a Gears of Warskull sail? A squirrel pet?

Tie-ins with other Xbox brands seem like a sure bet, but I'd like to formally request a ship theme inspired by the 1963 movie Jason and the Argonauts. They already have the skeleton army!

Sea of Thieves [Twitter] [Thanks, CelicaCrazed]

Sea of Thieves is bringing back the Halo ship screenshot