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Sega Genesis Classics coming to PS4, Xbox One

March 14, 2018 1 min read

[Update: Sega officially announced Sega Genesis Classics for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this morning with support for "online multiplayer, achievements, mirror modes, rewind, and save states." The console release is set for May 29, 2018, and on the same day, the existing PC version on Steam will get an update for the sake of parity. You can find a full list of the included games below.]

It appears we'll have a chance to play the same old Sega Genesis games again in compilation form. As first noticed by Sega Nerds, the publisher recently (and seemingly inadvertently) uploaded a video for Sega Genesis Classicsthat listed a May 29 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The box art mentions "over 50 classic games" and a double-sided poster. Based on the trailer, we can expect familiar titles like Sonic, Streets of Rage, Gunstar Heroes, and ToeJam & Earl.

This console version of Sega Genesis Classicswill probably look an awful lot like the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classicspackage that's already available on Steam. Same room!

[Via Sega Nerds, Sonic The Hedgeblog]

Sega Genesis Classics coming to PS4, Xbox One screenshot