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Sega Saturn adventure Baroque is headed to Switch in Japan

May 21, 2020 1 min read

Japanese developer Sting has revealed plans to release classic first-person adventure Baroque on the Nintendo Switch later this year. As announced on the company's Twitter, Baroque: Original Version will be a port of the 1998 Sega Saturn release, rather than its 2008 remake.

As a quick refresher, Baroque is a strange, post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure that follows a nameless and mute protagonist as they pick their way through the gothic "Neuro Tower", purifying the Meta-Beings within on a quest for personal redemption. Blending cataclysmic end-of-days storytelling with first-person exploration and combat, Baroque is hardly the slickest or most upbeat of video games, but definitely one of the weirdest.

Baroque would be remade for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii in 2008, completely transformed into a more typical third-person anime RPG. Despite this fresh look and playstyle, Baroque was received poorly by critics, and has fallen into relative obscurity since. More information regarding Sting's new Switch port is expected soon.

Baroque: Original Version is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

Baroque: Original Version coming to Switch in 2020 in Japan [Gematsu]

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