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Settlers of Catan is coming to the Switch in June

April 10, 2019 1 min read

Everyone's favorite board game is coming to Nintendo Switch! Asmodee Digital, the king of digital board game publishing, will be releasing Settlers of Catan for Switch on June 20, 2019.

For the few who may not be aware of Settlers of Catan, it is a board game that tasks you with settling a region by gaining resources from the land. You get resources by having settlements near resource tiles that have a dice number on them. If your adjacent tile's dice number gets rolled, you get the resource. From there you build your settlement and aim to win by getting ten victory points before anyone else.

Speaking on the upcoming release, Asmodee CEO Pierre Ortolan said: "We are eager to let players play Catan on the Nintendo Switch as we're sure it will appeal to those who played the board game while also engaging with new audiences having an opportunity to discover this masterpiece."

The game promises to use the full extent of the Switch capabilities, so I'm expecting at least touch-screen capabilities. No word yet on what modes will come with it but I would hope some kind of online component is implemented for this release. Hot seat would also be great since you can just hand the system off to a friend.

I also hope this game doesn't straight rob you of good dice rolls when you dominate a specific number like Settlers of Catanon Steam, but I'll believe it when I see it. If it happens again though, I know how to handle it.

Settlers of Catan is coming to the Switch in June screenshot