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Shameless puzzler Prison Princess tunnels onto PC in April

March 16, 2020 1 min read

Qureate's eyebrow-arching puzzle adventure Prison Princess will be arriving on PC via Steam next month, following its original Nintendo Switch release back in January.

Prison Princess' amusingly deep lore tells the story of two glorious kingdoms, Aria Zaza and Zanji Zard, both of which have had their fair princesses kidnapped by the evil Demon King. The player takes up the role of a noble and brave hero, tasked with saving the gals. Unfortunately you were evidently shit at it and got yourself killed. Way to go.

Your quest to free the damsels does not end there, however. Now a ghostly wanderer, you sneak into the dark dungeons of the Demon King to find the gentle, soft Aria and the fiery-tempered Zena (TROPES!) shackled away in the dingy bowels of the castle. From there, you must guide both girls to safety, using a point-and-click interface to negotiate the castle and solve a series of tricky logic puzzles, many of which apparently involve bending over.

Shameless puzzler Prison Princess tunnels onto PC in April screenshot